Sam Saed Realty




Focusing on clients, and accomplishing great work. 
Our goal is simple and effective. We've been very careful with our thorough work in order to dedicate ourselves to better relationships and satisfied clients. Honesty, integrity, responsiveness – people like those things, whether as a Buyer or Seller. Everyone may say that, but you can take us seriously.

Partnership isn’t a sales pitch. It’s an ongoing conversation.
We take our client partnerships seriously. We invite you to talk to us and let us know what’s important to you every step of the way. Nine times out of ten, we’ll Provide you with a Home that you’ll love. Every Home is unique, and every Buyer has an individual need.

We believe in teamwork.
Our team is comprised of people who are not only experts, but who also work together all the time. We know each other’s tendencies, complement one another. It’s a simple formula that we follow.

Experience is important.
Founded by an experienced Realtor with over 25+ years of experience, we take pride in our workmanship and Finding homes that you will love. Plus, you really do get what you looking for when you work with us. When we make a promise, we keep it because we know we can. And when we finish a job, we know you’ll be as proud of it as we are.